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Stellar Photo Recovery ReviewStellar Phoenix Access Recovery

When your Access data base crashes and you need it repaired, Stellar Access Recovery is a great choice. There are only a limited amount of data recovery programs that can repair and rebuild an Access file. Stellar Phoenix is one of them.

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Program: Stellar Phoenix Access Recovery

Company: Stellar Data Recovery

Supported OS: Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 7

Price: $129 USD

Overall Rating: 8 out of 10

What It Does:

Stellar Phoenix Access Recovery helps the user repair corrupted access databases (.MDB), and also recovers deleted records, reports, forms, macros, and other types of data found in access databases.


The installation of Stellar Phoenix Access Recovery took approximately 30 seconds. The total amount of disk space required was approximately 20MB.


After installing and starting Stellar Phoenix Access Recovery, the user is presented with the main screen (shown below), and is prompted to either select files to recover, or to search a drive where the corrupted access databases might be located. I’ve opted to have the program search for the files instead.

It took Stellar Phoenix Access Recovery approximately 2 minutes to find the appropriate files to test and repair.

The files that were found are presented in a list box, along with the relevant data that pertains to each particular file.

From the list of access database files, I chose the largest one to see how long it would take to analyze and/or repair it.

Scanning the selected access database only took a few seconds, and following the instructions on the screen allowed it to be repaired/recovered in nearly the same amount of time.

Ease Of Use:

Stellar Phoenix Access Recovery’s interface was pretty uncomplicated and easy to follow. The interface was created with the novice user in mind.


The installation of Stellar Phoenix Access Recovery was pretty quick. The simplistic interface allowed the databases to be repaired and recovered in minimal time with almost no effort involved.


Works as advertised.


I think the $129 price tag is a bit steep, and would probably turn a significant number of people away from it.

What To Do Next

» Download Stellar Phoenix Access Recovery Here

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