Recover My Photos Review

Recover My Photos is made by GetData.  This is the same company that makes Recover My Photos and the leading data recovery program that we recommend out.

No data recovery guide or software can cover all aspects of data recovery.  However Recover My Photos covers the widest range of issues so that is why we rate it number 1 and call it the best buy for photo recovery.

Download My Photo Recovery Here

Will this work on Camera Cards?

Absolutely.  One reason why we lover this software is because it will work on not just hard drives but any removable media device.  If you are able to plug in the external memory then this software will be able to recover it?

How Easy is Recover My Photos to Use?

Very easy.  If you can read you can use this software with ease.  The wizard guides you through the entire process.  All you need to do is tell the software what drive to scan and it will do the rest.

If the photo has been erased or the drive formatted or corrupted then this software stands a very high chance of being able to recover it.  The only cases that it won’t work is when the physical drive has been damaged mechanically or the file that was deleted has already been over written.  In most cases this not what happens so you stand a good chance of getting back all your photos.

Download My Photo Recovery Here

When push comes to shove this is the Photo recovery software I use with all my clients.  It’s simply the best one I have found on the market and proves it’s self time and time again.  You can always find cheaper tools out there that may work just great for you but very few tools have all the recovery options that Recover My Photos has.

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