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Stupid corrupt zip files. Corrupt zip files irritate me more then anything else. I don’t know why, Maybe it’s because I want access to the content in the zip and can’t get what I want.

The down side here is I have never had any luck with free .zip recover programs. I’ve tried many of them and have had little to no luck. There are however many paid for zip recovery programs that work quite well.

Stellar Zip Recovery is a zip recovery program that I have used in the past with great success. It can recovery zip content from CRC corruption, archive corruption as well as several other issues that can corrupt a zip file. Another really nice thing about this program is the free trial. You can test it out before you purchase it to ensure it can recovery your corrupt zip.

» Download Stellar Zip Recovery here


If your hard drive was formatted, crashed or deleted and you need to recover your zip files from an error like this we recommend you use Recover My Files or Remo Recovery to recover those deleted files.

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