Stellar Windows Data Recovery Review

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data RecoveryStellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery

The latest version of Stellar Windows Data Recovery totally rocks. It’s one of the best data recovery programs one the market. For the price this makes a great data recovery program.

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Program: Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery

Company: Stellar Data Recovery

Supported OS: Windows NT4 (SP6), 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 7

Price: $49.95 USD

Overall Rating: 8 out of 10
What It Does:

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery is designed to recover lost and/or deleted data from a variety of media storage devices, and allows the user to choose from over 185 file types to recover.


Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery took less than 20 seconds to install, and took up approximately 35MB worth of disk space.


After installing Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recover, the user is presented with the two options listed below. The first of these options allows the user to search for deleted or lost files and folders. The second searches the drive for any lost partitions.

As you can see, I’ve decided to select the smallest of the drives for the sake of brevity of scanning. Generally speaking, the smaller or larger a particular device is, the short or longer time it takes to recover the data. I opted to select the normal scan, which took about 10 minutes to complete.

Below is a list of some of the files that Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery found after scanning.

When selecting to go back to the previous menu from scanning, the user is prompted if they would like to perform an advanced data scan instead. Since I planned to do this anyways, I clicked “Yes”.

Below are screenshots of the Advanced scan in progress.

The Advanced scan about halfway through the scan. As you can see, the Advanced scan is detecting a lot more files than the normal mode.

Once the scan was complete, Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery found approximately 2GB worth of data that could possibly by recovered. It also allows the user to preview data that might be able to be recovered. The total success rate of data recovery was approximately 75% for all data combined.

After completing the file recovery routine, I decided to test the second routine, which consists of finding and recovering lost partitions.

Below is a screenshot of the partition recovery scan module in progress.

After the scan was complete, it only found one recoverable partition. Round 2 consists of testing the advanced recovery module against the recoverable partition, and seeing if there is any difference in the amount of data to be recovered.

Below is another screenshot of the advanced recovery module in progress, but specifically about a minute after selecting the advanced module.

After the scan was complete, the amount of data that was recovered was exactly the same as the first time around.

Ease Of Use:

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery has a very intuitive, yet simplistic interface. The quasi-precognitive “back” button feature was a nice touch. I would say that a user of any level of expertise can use this application.


Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery was quick to install with moderate disk space requirements. The interface was very simplistic and intuitive. While the data recovery rate was nowhere near as impressive as Recover My Files, it certainly laid quick waste to the other competitors in terms of performance and reliability. If the price tag for Recover My Files is out of your price range, I highly recommend this application as a viable alternative solution.


Quick to install, fairly extensive in recovering files, intuitive, simplistic interface.


Doesn’t find every recoverable file, but comes pretty close to it.

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