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I like most of Stellar Phoenix product lines. They manage to provide good documentation on the hundred or so products that they have on the market. Stellar Photo Recovery is the cheaper version of Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery. This product is designed just for photo recovery. The price difference is only 10 bucks so if you want to recover all of your files I would choose the upgrade version. In my personal testings you should be able to recover at least 75% of all your photos from formatted drives and closer to 97% of your photos if you just deleted them and the data has not been over written yet. All in all this product gets a big thumbs up from me.

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Program: Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery

Company: Stellar Data Recovery (

Supported OS: Windows NT, 2000, XP, Vista, 7

Price: $39 USD

Overall Rating: 8 out of 10

What It Does:

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recover is a piece of media recovery software that enables the user to safely recover accidentally deleted, missing, or corrupted media (photos, music, movies, etc) from most types of media storage devices including ip camera and most major brand digital cameras.


Like most of the Stellar Data Recovery’s software, Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery took around 30 seconds to install. The required disk space was approximately 20MB.


After starting Stellar Phoenix Photo Recover, the user is given three tabs to choose from. The first tab is what we’ll be covering first. The second tab isn’t really of any concern unless you have saved any scans, and that will allow you to resume a specific scan you have saved.

When starting a scan, any active or attached drives/mount points are displayed. I’ve chosen the primary drive, just to see what images might still be on there, and if there are, which ones can be recovered. You can also load a disk image to scan as well.

I’ve opted to do the advanced scan, as more options are available. The “Select Range” tab allows the user to scan a specific sector range on the hard drive. The user can also select which file types to choose from, and I’ve opted to select all of them.

Below is a screenshot of the scan in progress.

As the data is recovered, the images are displayed. On the right is what I assume to be an aerial photograph of some kind of large, prehistoric megapredator. So far, so good.

After the scan is complete, a list of files and filetypes can be browse and previewed (if possible). The recovery rate of the files in question was around 45%. Considering that most of these happened to be larger in size, so the chance of corruption or data being overwritten long ago was much greater. The more recent files that were recovered had a relative data recovery rate of approximately 78%

Below is a screenshot of the “Create Image” tab in the beginning of the article. This allows the user to create images of drives, which can be stored elsewhere and scanned later on.

Ease Of Use:

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery has an interface that is much easier to navigate compared to most other data recovery utilities. The interface is designed for intermediate to advanced users, but can be navigated with ease to a greater or lesser degree by novice users.


Stellar Phoenix Photo Recover has a fairly easily navigatable interface, is quick to install, takes up minimal hard drive space, and has a decent recovery rate for the media files that it’s designed to search for. It also has a very low price tag. I would recommend this application to anyone looking for a cost-affordable solution to recovering standard media data. Remo Media Recover is a comparable program to this one. If you are looking to recover more then just media I would recommend the Stellar Windows Data Recovery program as well.


Reasonable price, decent recovery rate.


None, really.

I like the ease of use this program offers. For technicians I would still recommend Recover My Files over this program but for the average user who just wants media or a simpler to use interface you can’t go wrong choosing Stellar Photo Recovery.

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