SQL Data Recovery

If your SQL database breaks it can grind your business to a halt. It is possible to fully recover or at least mostly recover a corrupted MY SQL file.

In the past I have had to recover SQL databases for clients. The software I used was Stellar SQL Database Recovery. This is a very user friendly program that can recover tables, views triggers and the like from a corrupt SQL file. The nice thing about this program is it will not overwrite any data in the SQL database so it won’t make maters worse. It re-builds the tables using the data found in the SQL file. This is a very complex operation and one that would take a human several days if not years to complete.

The SQL Recovery program works best in situations were your SQL is not accessible, your hard drive that contained the SQL data base failed, you have deleted your SQL database, the constraints are not working and if your system becomes corrupt. This accounts for most forms of SQL corruption.

I should point out that if the hard drive failed that is holding the SQL data base and the failure is due to bad sectors you should run a program like HDD regenerator first. This program actually repairs bad sectors on your hard drive. Very Cool Stuff!!!. Then once the data is repaired you can run the Stellar SQL database recovery tool.

For more information check out either our Stellar SQL Database Recovery Review  to download the program. It is expensive but the free trial let’s you test it out before you make a purchase.

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