Remo Recover Outlook Express Review

Remo Recover Outlook ExpressRemo Recover Outlook Express

In our testings Remo Recover Outlook Express was able to fully recover Outlook Express files in multiple situations. If your Outlook Express file becomes corrupt we strongly recommend this program. The only other item I would consider for this would be Stellar Outlook Express Recovery.

» Download Remo Recover Outlook Express Here

Program: Remo Recover Outlook Express

Company: Remo Software

Supported OS: Windows XP, 2003, 2008, Vista, 7

Price: $69 USD

Overall Rating: 10 out of 10

What It Does:

Remo Recover Outlook Express is designed to repair and recover corrupt Outlook Express databases and emails. Since it only reads .DBX and .EML files, you do not have to worry about Remo Recover Outlook Express causing further damaging your Outlook Express databases and files.


The installation of Remo Recover Outlook Express took approximately 35 seconds.


The functionality of Remo Recover Outlook Express is exceedingly simplistic. Other than occasionally checking a few options on one portion of the interface, most everything is automated or can be handled with one click.

After the splash screen button has been clicked, Remo Recover shows you what options you have to choose from. In this case, since there is only one identity used for Outlook Express, we’re pretty much required to click “Main Identity”.

From there, we choose what databases to search for.

Once we’ve chosen what databases to search for, we choose a location to save recovered/restored data to. Hit the “Browse…” button, and if you want, choose to compress the data, and then click “OK.” Remo Recover Outlook Express literally takes care of the rest from here.

A few minutes later, the data is read, repaired, and saved to the selected location.

The nicest feature is that you don’t even have to navigate Windows Explorer to find the locations. Remo Recover Outlook Express opens up that location in a new explorer window.

Ease Of Use:

Remo Recover Outlook Express is one of the simplest interfaces I’ve come across. There’s absolutely no way to get lost in the interface. I’m pretty sure a 5 year old could use this application.


The installation was quick, and the entire process is almost entirely automated. As a user, the only thing to really be concerned with is where to save the recovered/repaired files. Other than that, Remo Recover Outlook Express pretty much does everything else in a few minutes time. I would highly recommend using this application if you’re having trouble with a corrupted outlook express database.


Simple, effective, delivers as advertised.



What To Do Now

» Download Remo Recover Outlook Express Here

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