Recover Data From Formatted Drive

This is our generic guide for recovering data. It will help you recover data from just about any software related issue. If you accidentally deleted all your data, formatted your drive or even copied a new O/S over your old data.

Word of Caution: If you have files on a hard drive that need to be recovered you should STOP using that drive until you recover those files. By using the hard drive you are risking that data be over written. For instance if you are surfing the web and reading this page you should NOT be on the computer that has the files you want to recover. You should install all data recovery programs on a different computer.

This only applies if you are using the hard drive with the files. If it’s a secondary hard drive you don’t have to worry about it.

Recovery Deleted Files:

In many cases when you delete a file it’s still in the recycling bin. Be sure to check this location first. If you permanently deleted the files they will not be there. It’s worth a shot.

If the data can not be found in the recycling bin you need to use a data recovery program to recover those files. Recovery My Files is one of the best (In my opinion the best) data recovery programs to use in this case. It will be able to get all your deleted files back.

Recover Data After Computer Crash

If your computer crashes and you can not boot it up any more you have many different options. What you need to determine is why your computer crashed in the first place. This can be very hard to do. A very simple option is to remove the current hard drive and install a new hard drive and re-load your operating system. Once this is done you can plug in the old hard drive again and pull over all your files. In most cases this can be done by just copy and pasting the information. However if the old hard drive can not be detected you should read My Computer Does Not Detect Hard Drive.

Keep in mind that most programs will have to be re-installed fresh. However chances are you can migrate the needed data over to the new program.

Another option is to repair the operating system on the hard drive. That is if the OS was the problem leading to the crash in the first place. Because of the millions of different issues that can lead to the computer crash we do not focus on operating system repair on this site. Just data recovery.

Recover Data From a Formatted Drive:

When you format a drive it does not delete the files on it. They are still there. Using Recover My Files you can restore the old partition and easily browse through to recover your files. You can also run a scan by file type or just reveal all files on the drive.

Recover Files After a Re-Install of Windows:

One thing that bug’s me is many manufacturers recommend you re-load your operating system when you have issues. On the phone they tell you how to access the hidden image on your computer to re-load the operating system. What they fail to tell users is that you are going to loose your data in many cases.

To recover your data after you re-installed Windows we recommend you use Recover My Files. With this program you will be able to recover many if not all the files you lost. It is vital you do not use that computer any more till you pull the files off that you want to recover. If you continue to use it then you are at risk of over writing the data that is still recoverable. Once files have been over written you can not recover them at this time. The only way to know if your data had been over written is to run a data recovery scan.

Recover Partition

When a partition becomes corrupt chances are your computer will not boot any more. There are many different tools on the market to help you recover your partition. The best one is Recover My Files. Keep in mind that if your partition became corrupt it may be do to a hardware failure. You should consider testing out your drive to ensure it’s functioning properly and that it does not have any errors.

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