Migo Digital Rescue Premium Review

Migo Digital Rescue 4 Premium

In most cases I don’t even place bad reviews on my sites. The reason is I don’t want people making the mistake of purchasing them. However I made an exception with File Recovery Plus. I do not have much experience with this program because I could never get it to work right. It was tested on 5 different computers and not 1 time did it seem to work at all for me. I’m surprised Esupport is even selling this product. Perhaps it worked at one point and time but it does not seem to work for me at all. I would recommend a bat to the hard drive before suggesting this program out.

» Purchase Migo Digital Rescue 4 Premium Here (Not Recommended)

Program: DT Utilities Migo Digital Rescue 4 Premium (http://www.dtransfer.com/products/data-recovery/digital-rescue-premium/)

Company: DT Utilities (http://www.dtransfer.com)

Supported OS: WIndows 2000, XP, Vista

Price: $49.99 USD

Overall Rating: 2 out of 10

What It Does:

Migo Digital Rescue 4 Premium is designed to help users recover accidentally deleted files from their hard drives. This application also supports recovery on memory cards and other devices that are used to store data. It is not for recovering partitions or formatted drives. For someone who wants to recover just deleted files this program will work for you. However it seems very limited in the kinds of files it can recover.


The installation of Migo Digital Rescue 4 Premium was fairly streamlined, and took almost the same amount of time to install as it did to click the appropriate installation buttons.


Once the installation of Migo Digital Rescue 4 Premium was complete, the user is asked to enter a license key, if they have one. Clicking “Activate Later” initiates the trial version of this application.

The user is given the option of which drive(s) to scan. I wasn’t sure that it would find anything on a drive with a deleted partition/reformatted drive, but I decided to give it a shot anyway, since it was advertised as being a viable solution to recovering lost data. Again I should state that nothing on this first test drive should be recovered as it was a deleted partition that was re-formatted. The program only states that it will recover deleted programs.

Since “Search For Everything” returned no results, I decided to select all the search options and try again.

As expected nothing was recovered from the formatted drive. The program clearly states the limitations on it’s site, but I wanted to give it a shot anyways

This time, I decided to select a different drive that hadn’t been subjected to a low-level format, but instead only had files deleted, and hoped for different results.

Scanning a recoverable drive only took about 25 minutes to complete.

After I had selected the second search method that I used previously, I was disappointed to discover that the only thing that was recovered from the drive were text files. I intentionally backed up (and then deleted) several types of files that were supposed to have been detected by this application, only to find that Digital Rescue 4 Premium apparently didn’t do as advertised. This may be because I was using a trial version, but regardless, something other than corrupted, non-recent, non-critical text files should have been found.

In the end I can not endorse this product.

Ease Of Use:

Migo Digital Rescue 4 Premium was extremely easy to use, and had the simplest interface I’ve seen yet for a data recovery application.


While this application was quick to install and took up less than 10MB of space, its highly lackluster performance in actually recovering data is enough to turn me away from it, let alone recommending it as a viable commercial application. While I am willing to admit that my experience may have been a fluke, the long list of corrupted text files seems to indicate otherwise.


Fast install, less than 10MB required disk space.


Very low data recovery rate.

What to Do Now

Not purchasing Migo Digital Rescue 4 Premium is a good start. Consider Recover My Files or Remo Recover Pro instead.

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