How to Remove a Hard Drive

The purpose of this guide is to show users how to remove their hard drive from their computer so they can perform a data recover. It does not take a whole lot of skill to remove a hard drive.

PC Desktop

Step 1. Unplug your hard drive and hold the power button down for a few seconds to ensure all energy has been dissipated. You do not want to accidentally kill the hard drive off.

Step 2. Ground your self using a wrist strap or ground wire. This is to prevent shocking any of the components. To be honest I just ensure I’m on a hard surface like a kitchen floor and have the PC on the table. however we need to mention this so we can not be held liable for any damages.

Step3. Unplug the wires connecting to your hard drive. Your hard disc will look similar to the below image.



Most likely your hard drive is mounted in a cage. You will need to remove the screws and pull the hard drive out.

You can now install it in another PC or use a USB enclosure or all in one adapter like the one shown in our Data Recovery Equipment guide.

Learn how to Install a Seond Hard Drive Here

Remove Laptop/Notebook Hard Drive

Removing a notebook hard drive is often times not that hard. In most cases you can flip the notebook over and see the hard drive screws and unscrew it. You can look up online on your manufacturers website and they will have step by step instructions with diagrams on how to remove it.

Be sure to remove your notebook battery first and ensure it’s not plugged in.

Once you remove the hard drive you will most likely need to use a ide 2.5 to 2.5 adapter to connect it to your desktop our to mount it. Look at our data recovery equipment guide for more information on this.

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