Hard Drive Making Clicking Sounds

All hard drives fail over time. Because of the manufacturing process and how a hard drive works it will eventually fail. For the most part hard drives can run for several years but having a hard drive fail after a few months of use or a year or two into use is very normal. Personally I have owned at least 30 hard drives over the last 10 years. Most of which have died on me from use or have become too small in space for my use.

If you hard drive is making clicking sounds then it is mechanically starting to fail. It may work another 6 months or even a year but it’s on it’s way out. Often times the clicking sound is do to the spindle hitting the drive. As this happens it can damage the platter and cause data corruption and data loss.

What Can / Should You Do When Your Hard Drive Starts to Click

It’s best to clone your hard drive onto a new hard drive. This way all your data stays intact and nothing has to change. This tends to be easier then installing a new drive and re-loading your operating system. To clone your drive you will need to install the drive into your computer. See How to Install a Secondary Drive.

Now you will need to use data backup software to create a full image of your drive and copy it over to your new hard drive. You may also use a disk cloner program but in all honesty use a data backup program that is capable of creating a disc image is the better choice because you can now use that backup program going forward to backup your files.

Total cost for all the above is normally under $200 dollars. You can do it for cheaper, it just depends on the hard drive you purchase and the data backup program/disc imaging program you purchase.

We do recommend Nova Backup. You can Download and purchase Here. Total cost is $49.99.

A very nice free disc cloner program on the market is Easus. This is great for those who already have a data backup program that does not do disc images. It also works well for those who have a laptop and you can not install a second drive on the laptop. You can remove that drive and purchase another drive of the same type and use a desktop with Easus to do the transfer for you. You may need to purchase an adapter kit or two to mount the drive on your computer. See our list of Hard drive recovery equipment.

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