EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

For a long time I have liked EaseUS. Their data partition program rocks and they tend to put out some very good products. All in all the Data Recovery Wizard program is not a bad program. It’s easy to use and does a decent job on the data recovery front. Not as good as Recover My Files or Remo Recover Pro.

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Program: EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard 5.5.1

Company: EaseUS

Supported OS: Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 2003, 2008 R2 SP1, Windows 7 SP1

Price: $69.95 USD

What It Does:

Data Recovery Wizard is an application designed to find and recover files and data during the event of unexpected or accidental data loss.

The installation took less than a minute to complete with minimal user interaction, and takes up about 17MB of disk space.

After installing Data Recovery Wizard, I decided to put it to the test. I happened to have a 4GB hard drive with an old install of Windows XP, some data, and an intentionally deleted partition.

The user is presented with three options, of which we will go in order from left to right.

I’ve selected “search for all lost files automatically”, and now we’ll see what happens.

After hitting “Next”, all drives that are attached to the machine in question are detected, and the user is then asked to select which drive they wish to scan for.

After selecting the appropriate drive, the user is warned that if files are not found, or if they are corrupted when found in this mode to instead opt for a complete recovery.

Before and after the search of the drive with a deleted partition, the same screen as above is displayed. This means that we’ll need to perform a complete recovery of the drive.

After deciding to perform a complete recovery, each of the partitions that have been on this drive are displayed with the option to select a particular partition to scan. I’ve selected the most recent one, as it’s most likely to have the highest number of recoverable files.

Data Recovery Wizard attempts to build a raw file tree from the recovered partition information (although it is not written to the drive) and then begins scanning for files to be recovered.

Even though the partition with a certain number of files that are found is selected, Data Recovery Wizard attempts to find every possible file on the drive that it can. While this can be a convenience, the amount of time it takes to recover the data can take quite some time. However this will offer the best results and what I would recommend all users do.

Being the impatient type, I decided to cancel the scan and see what kind of data it found.

The easiest files to check for integrity are usually the smaller ones, but there were also some larger archives on there that should be easy to check for consistency.

The recovery process took a bit longer than I expected, and Data Recovery Wizard claimed to have recovered 588MB of data. We did not have much data on this small drive so that sounded about right. After inspection of the files we discovered that many of the large files that the program found were not fully recovered and were corrupt.

The last option for users of simply recovering the partition follows almost the same steps as a complete recovery, except it only searches for partition data that can be recovered. The partition was later restored, but due to the fact that the drive had been previously compressed using the NTFS file system, most of the original data didn’t pass muster. Screenshots of what to expect during the partition recovery are shown on the image above, and the two images below. In another test case we had a 100% success in recovering a corrupt partition. Your end results may vary.

Ease Of Use:

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard was fairly easy to use, and for the most part, its interface was fairly uncomplicated.


While EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard installed quickly, took up a minuscule amount of hard drive space, and offered an uncluttered interface, the performance itself was a bit lacking. I would hesitate to recommend this data recovery program out simply because there are better options like Recover My Files and Remo Recover Pro. However, that is not to say that Data Recovery Wizard is a bad choice, as it did recover some of the most recently written data to the drive and in another test it did fully recover a partition we just wiped out.


Fast installation, minimal disk space requirements, easy-to-use interface.


Long wait times for actual data recovery. Not too uncommon for data recovery software programs but still slower then some others.

What to Do Next

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