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data recovery softwareChoosing the right data recovery software program for your needs is important. We created several guides on our website to help you identify your needs. The below data recovery software reviews will help you make an informed choice to recovery your data.

If it’s just photos you want to recovery you should read the photo recovery software page as it outlines programs that are just for photo recovery.

Advanced recommendation: For those who have physically damaged hard drives and corrupt bits of data you should consider using HDD Regenerator first. This program does not recover data per-say but it actually repairs bad sectors of your hard drive. After you use this program you can use a data recovery program below to recover your missing files.

Data Recovery Software Reviews

Recover My Files ReviewRecovery My Files

This is the best all in one data recovery program. It’s what I personally tend to use when recovering files because it has the widest reach. It can recover deleted photos, formatted drives, lost partitions, raw recovery, from memory cards, just about all instances of recovery. The program fairly easy to use but not as simple as some because of all the advanced features this program provides. There is a Pro version that can also recover Mac files and for computer techs there is a Technician program that is uber sweet. In most cases the standard version of Recover My Files is more then enough to get your files back.

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Remo Recover Pro ReviewRemo Recover Pro is on of the fastest advanced data recover programs out there. It can recover just about any file type out there. Unlike simpler data recover programs it can recover files from re-partitioned and formatted drives. Of course it can do basic recovery from deleted files as well. The trial program allows you to scan first before purchasing the program. It’s one of the best data recovery programs out there.

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Stellar Windows Data RecoveryStellar Windows Data Recovery is an advanced data recovery program that can recovery files from lost, deleted, damaged or formatted drives. It has a very simple to use data recovery interface. The free scan allows you to test the product out to ensure it can recover the files you want before you make the purchase. It’s a program that is worth a look.

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Remo Media ReviewRemo Media

Remo Media rocks. There is a pro version but remo media is a littler and far cheaper version. With the Media edition focuses on recovery of media such as photos, music and video. It works for recovering photos from Ipods, external media like flash memory cards and of course from hard drives. This light version is just for Media files. If you are looking at getting other files you should use the Pro version

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Stellar Photo Recovery

I like most of Stellar Phoenix product lines. They manage to provide good documentation on the hundred or so products that they have on the market. Stellar Photo Recovery is the cheaper version of Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery. This product is designed just for photo recovery.

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Data Recovery Pro ReviewData Recovery Pro

Can recover just about all types of files. It has a very nice interface and recovery options. It’s a solid recovery program and they offer a free scan interface so you can ensure it works before you purchase the program.

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File Recover Plus ReviewFile Recover Plus

I have the least experience with this program but was very surprised at how well it worked. It can recover photos from Memory cards, hard drives, flash drive and cameras. Very nifty program. If you have removable memory to recover programs from then I would strongly consider using this program.

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PC Tools File Recover ReviewPC Tools File Recover

PC Tools File Recover is a very solid and easy to use data recovery program. PC Tools offer good support and documentation for their products. You will find help for this product if you need it. There is a nice user interface as well. The program is best to use on deleted photo’s. If the drive has been formatted I would use Recover My Files instead.

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EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

For a long time I have liked EaseUS. Their data partition program rocks and they tend to put out some very good products. All in all the Data Recovery Wizard porgram is not a bad program. It’s easy to use and does a decent job on the data recovery front. Not as good as Recover My Files or Remo Recover Pro.

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Migo Digital Rescue 4 Premium

In most cases I don’t even place bad reviews on my sites. The reason is I don’t want people making the mistake of purchasing them. However I made an exception with File Recovery Plus. I do not have much experience with this program because I could never get it to work right. It was tested on 5 different computers and not 1 time did it seem to work at all for me. I’m surprised Esupport is even selling this product. Perhaps it worked at one point and time but it does not seem to work for me at all. I would recommend a bat to the hard drive before suggesting this program out.

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HDD Regenerator

HDD Regenerator is one of those programs that every data recovery pro needs to use. This program is not intended to recover files by it’s self per-say. What it does is repair bad sectors on hard drives. Once the bad sectors have been repaired you should be able to run your data recovery program on the drive and recover most if not all the data. Below is my in-depth review of this product and how I use it along with real life examples.

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MAC Recovery Software

Remo Recover Mac Recovery ReviewRemo Recover Mac

There is a pro mac recover version and a more basic one. When it comes to recovering files on a MAC computer this is a very good program. Very simple user interface and does a great job at recovering lost and deleted files. If your on a Mac this program is for you.

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Stellar Mac Data Recovery
Stellar Mac Data Recovery can recover files from both deleted and formatted hard drives as well as from crashed hard drives as long as the drive still spins up. It can also recover data from Ipod’s. Some extra tools that come with this program are a Boot DVD program that allows you to boot with to help recover files as well as a Disk Imaging utility to copy an entire hard drive or logical volume. This comes in handy when you have a crashed MAC os and want to pull all the files over.

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Ipod Recovery Software

Stellar Ipod recoveryWhen it comes to recovering your Ipod files from a Windows based computer Stellar Ipod recovery is a great program to use. This program can scan the ipod and pull off your files. It works rather well as long as your Ipod is still detected by your computer. The free trial let’s you first test if the program will work for you before you make a purchase. This is always nice.

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SQL Database Recovery Software

Stellar SQL Database RecoveryI’ve had to recover SQL files before. You can always try the c-panel interface on your websites host to attempt to repair the SQL file but if that does not work or you don’t have that option available to you then Stellar SQL Database Recovery can save your butt. The trial always you to scan the file to see if this program will work for you. If it does then you will want to make the purchase. There are not many programs out there that can repair corrupt SQL files so your options are limited.

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» Download Stellar SQL Database Recovery here

Outlook Express Software

Remo Recover Outlook Express

In our testings Remo Recover Outlook Express was able to fully recover Outlook Express files in multiple situations. If your Outlook Express file becomes corrupt we strongly recommend this program. The only other item I would consider for this would be Stellar Outlook Express Recovery.

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Access Recovery Software

Stellar Phoenix Access RecoveryStellar Phoenix Access Recovery

When your Access data base crashes and you need it repaired, Stellar Access Recovery is a great choice. There are only a limited amount of data recovery programs that can repair and rebuild an Access file. Stellar Phoenix is one of them.

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» Download Stellar Access Recovery Here

Excel Recovery Software

Stellar Phoenix Excel Recovery Stellar Phoenix Excel Recovery

When in comes to recovering Excel files we highly like Stellar Excel Recovery. The below review covers the repair process and how Stellar Excel works. All in all it’s one of the better data recovery programs for Excel.

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