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Data Recovery Pro

The scan times for this data recovery program were a lot longer then most other data recovery programs. Once we ran a full recovery we were able to recover most of the data we purposely deleted. However the full scan took 2 days to finish up. In our initial trial we canceled it after around 24 hours. From the canceled scan we did not recover much of the data. End result is the program works but expect it to take a while to do a full recovery.

Data Recovery Pro is still a nice program but there are way better options out there like Recover My Files and Remo Recovery Pro. You will not be able to recover data from formatted or corrupt partitions with this software. It’s mostly for deleted files. The lower price tag makes this program attractive. As a pro in the recover field I would not be using this to recover data from client machines.

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Program: ParetoLogic Data Recovery

Company: ParetoLogic (

Supported OS: Windows 2000, XP, Vista

Price: $49.97 USD

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What It Does:

ParetoLogic Data Recovery Pro is a file rescue application that will search for, and attempt to recover files and email that have been lost or deleted. You can also search for files by specifying keywords and phrases, and preview any potentially recoverable files.


ParetoLogic Data Recovery Pro took approximately 30 seconds to install and took up less than 5MB of disk space.


After the installation completed, Data Recovery Pro started up with the main screen below. The user is provided with the options of a quick scan, a full scan, and a guided scan. Since we will only be scanning one drive, we’ll go with the quick scan. The full scan behaves exactly like the quick scan, except it scans each device attached to the computer. The guided scan provides options that allow the user between scanning for files and scanning for emails.

The screenshot below is of the “Advanced” scanning option, which allows more advanced users to specify what to scan for, and which device(s) should be scanned.

Depending on which method of file recovery the user decides to implement, the following screenshot shows what to expect during a scan.

The scan was well over a day in progress, and not even halfway done, so I decided to cancel it, and see what data could be recovered from the recovered file information it already found on the hard drive. The actual recovery rate was less than 50%.

Below is a screenshot of the “Email” recovery tab. Once the appropriate data is selected, the scan method is the same as before.

The “About” tab displays version information, and allows the user to search for updates, select update options, input/update/renew their license key, and contact ParetoLogic for technical support.

Ease Of Use:

ParetoLogic Data Recovery Pro had a very intuitive interface that can be used by anyone, including novice users.


The installation of ParetoLogic Data Recovery Pro was quick, painless, and automated. The total installation time was less than 30 seconds, and it took up very little hard drive space. Although the data recovery process took quite a while to perform, and a lot of files weren’t recovered, the relative data recovery rate exceeded 50%, which is fairly decent. Although I do not recommend this application for those concerned with recovering as much data as humanly possibly, it is a good choice for those who are interested in recovering images, text files and archives.


Quick installation, decent recovery rate, low system requirements.

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