Data Recovery Equipment

Here is a list of Equipment I use to recover data. These are all great tools to use and can come in handy for recovering data.

All the below can be found on Ebay or another computer store like and

USB 2.0 to IDE STATA S-ATA 2.5 and 3.5: This is probably the most widely used kind of kit. You can use it to connect either a Sata hard drive, IDE hard drive 2.5 or 3.5 and use the USB to plug it right into a computer. So it does not matter if it’s a 2.5 IDE drive found in a notebook or a regular 3.5 IDE hard drive.

This comes in handy when repairing bad sectors or even when running a data recovery program on the computer. I have not seen any that are USB 3.0 yet but I’m sure one is coming shortly. I go through at least two of these a year because they are rather cheaper and end up dying on me. If you recovery data regularly purchase two of them.

2.5 IDE to 3.5 IDE

When running some programs like HDD regenerator that are disc based recovery tools you may not be able to use a USB cable. The drive has to be mounted. When this happens and you have a notebook IDE drive that is 2.5 you will need this 2.5 IDE to 3.5 IDE converter to install the drive onto the computer you are running the recovery from. Purchase two of them because they are supper cheap and break easy.

USB3.0 to SATA 22Pin 3.5″ 2.5″ Hard disk driver Adapter: Most of the latest drives are Sata based. If yours is and you have a USB 3.0 port on your PC then this is a great adapter for you. Very fast for recovering data.

1.8″ IDE Hard Driver to 3.5″ IDE Adapter : This is used for smaller hard drives that support the 1.8 IDE Interface. Think small drivers like on your ipod. You can also get a 1.8 IDE to Sata connector

23-in 1 USB Memory Card Reader: While it’s not a true 23 in one because you will need adapters for some kinds of memory cards it does support the major standard memory cards. This is used to recover data from wiped memory cards. Comes in handy if you delete photos and then decide you want them back. As long as the image has not been over written you can recover it using this device and a data recovery program.

For a list of the Software We recommend see our Data Recovery Software page.

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